What is The Price for Using English to Spanish Translation Service?

What is The Price for Using English to Spanish Translation Service?

Do you want to translate English document into Spanish or any language that you understand?  The easiest solution is the online translation tool. But, do not expect some accurate translation from this online tool. This tool is a good method if you just want to know the meaning of one sentence or paragraph. But, if you want to translate an article or a document in English into Spanish, you need spanish translation service.

How Much You Need to Pay for Spanish Translation Service?

Unlike the online translation tool, the translation service isn’t free service. This is reasonable because the result that you get from the service is much better than using the online translation tool. Moreover, if you plan to translate the important document from English to Spanish, paying it for some amount of money is reasonable. The accurate result will help you to avoid the misunderstanding that causes a lot of problems later.

So, how much money that you need to pay? If we have to go by the average rate, you will need to pay for 10 to 20 cents per word. So, if you want to translate a 10,000 words document, you will need to pay around $1,000-$2,000. It seems expensive. But, that price is reasonable for best translation result that you can get.

However, that price is the only average price for the translation service. There are many factors that also affect the price per word for translation service. One of them is the language. For English to other language translation, there are two popular foreign languages, which is French and Spanish. They have a more expensive price per word rate, compared to other foreign languages.

Spanish Translation Service
Spanish Translation Service

For Spanish, you need to pay at least 11 cents per word. However, there are also other factors that affect the translation rate for English to Spanish translation service. the other factor is the type of document you want to translate into Spanish.

Basically, the translation service will categorize their client document into two categories. They are standard content and technical content. The technical content has higher english spanish translation rate than the standard content.

That is reasonable. The technical document has many specific terms, words, expressions, or jargon in English that can’t be translated as it is into Spanish. Moreover, to translate technical type document, you can’t just use the skill to understand English and Spanish, as well as an ability to speak both languages fluently. You also must understand the topic of that content.

There are some of the terms in technical content in English that you can’t translate it literally into Spanish. If you don’t understand the topic, you will translate it and it will end up with confusion and misunderstanding. Therefore, the technical content has an expensive rate. the average rate for translating technical content is around 17 cents per word. It can be more than that if the content has a higher difficulty level.

The Other Factors that Affect the Translation Rate

Other than several factors we mentioned above, there are also other factors that translation companies used to determine their rate. Here they are:

1.Their experience and reputation

The companies that run the business for a long time and have a better reputation usually charge their client at a higher price. It’s reasonable because they can give you the best translation result. And, you will satisfy with their service.

2.The language pair

Just like we mentioned before, there are several language pairs that cost more than other. Spanish to English or French to English has a higher price, because of its high demand. So, you need to prepare more budgets, for your need to translate from English to Spanish.

3.The deadline

If you want to get the result faster, that means you also need to pay more. Shorter deadline usually needs more labor and working time from the translation company, moreover, if you try to translate the difficult content, such as technical content. The increase rate is usually between 20%-25% of the original rate.

Basically, those are several important things that you need to know about english to spanish translation rate per word. Hopefully, it can help you to prepare enough money to get the translation service that you need.

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