Mandarin Transcription Service: Different of 2 Chinese Language

Mandarin Transcription Service: Different of 2 Chinese Language

Mandarin Transcription Service: Chinese Language

When talking about China, one frequently asked question is about the language. It can’t be denied that learning Chinese is not an easy feat since this language is very diverse. 

Think about it, there are Cantonese and Mandarin as part of the Chinese language. They sound alike but different. 

Having a mandarin transcription service will help the best. But in case you are curious about the differences between Cantonese and Mandarin, check out this article.

Mandarin Transcription Service
Mandarin Transcription Service

Mandarin Transcription Services: The Differences

1. The Complex Cantonese and the Simplified Mandarin Characters

Both Cantonese and Mandarin rooted in ancient Chinese characters. However, Mandarin has adapted and used more simplified characters. 

On the other hand, the Cantonese language has more traditional characters which are more complex. In some cases, you will find a different character that has the same meaning. 

In this case, the Mandarin transcription service is available to help you understand and figure out the written text.

2. The Nine and Five Different Tones Used to Convey Your Mind

Mandarin transcription companies along with the services, will give great help in terms of distinguishing the different tones used by people. 

It is important to know that Cantonese has nine tones, while Mandarin consists of five different tones. 

Using the right tones is important to deliver the meaning you want to convey correctly. In this matter, the Cantonese speaker in Hong Kong only has six tones. 

Thus, it is widely known that Cantonese is harder to learn than mandarin.

Mandarin Transcription
Mandarin Transcription Service

3. Both are Spoken Differently that Make Both Dialect Speaker Hardly Understands Each Other

Just as the tones, the spoken dialects are also different. Using the Mandarin Transcription service is highly recommended. It can be said that both dialects are almost like different languages. 

While the basics, syllables or characters are the same, but the pronunciation is very varying. In some cases, Mandarin and Cantonese speakers won’t understand each other. 

That is why using the right Mandarin transcription companies’ services will give a great bridge between the two speakers.

4. Mandarin as the Widely Spoken Lingua Franca, While Cantonese is More Local Dialects

If you want to visit China, you should be prepared to meet the languages. Mandarin is widely and the majority of a Chinese dialect while Cantonese is more a minor dialect and language. 

At the same time, the two dialects are spoken in different parts of China. To avoid wrong ideas, consider using the Mandarin Transcription service. 

Mandarin as the lingua franca is more official and used in bigger cities, but Cantonese is used as a local dialect in the southeast area, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Those are some main differences between the two Chinese languages. Cantonese and Mandarin are the two biggest spoken languages across China. 

They are spoken at different locations, but still, you may meet the speakers here and there. At the same time, they sound or look alike but can be completely different. 

In this case, it is highly recommended to hire or use the translation company and the services when you are going on a business trip or just vacation to china.