3 Tips for High Quality French Document Translation

3 Tips for High Quality French Document Translation

There is actually a standard stand for legal document translation services. It is that translation process should have been through three steps before it gets ready to be sent to the client. First, a translator should do their working of translating document. Second, after finishing translating, the French document translation should be checked by an editor. And the last is proofreading process which should be done by another person.

However, when it comes to a freelance, it’s hard enough to do all process. There are often only two persons that actually has to work. The one who translating is usually the same one who do proofreading after being checked by editor. That’s why these tips are important enough to be implemented by a translator especially a freelance one to be able getting a high quality French document translation.

1.Initial Review

Before initiating your translation work, you should to make sure all files and documents you have received is the same one as client sent. Along with the files and documents you’ve accepted, there should be some guidelines in which how you should be doing your job. Read this carefully and ask the client if something you found to be unclear.

Building a good communication with your client is important. This will result mutual understanding and hinder you from being misguided. You also need to check if the project translation you are going to do is familiar. Consult with the manager if you found it’s a new topic that you would need more time to finish it. It’s better to explain it in the beginning because you will take time to study terminology and its language style as well.

2.Do All Guidelines

French Document Translation
French Document Translation

If you are working for a certain legal document experience services, they often asking you to do translations in a specific format. You should make sure that you are doing the work on their required format and do not even try to customize a CAT tool which your client has modified. Also, remember to do all requirements on the job you are working on.

It is to troublesome if your manager or editor have to restructured your work over again. It is wasting time for them, and you may just be creating a risk of losing a good relationship. It all will lead to lose your job after all.

3.Use All References You Are Given

You better do not ignore every references you are given. Including all materials, terminology and glossaries database, as well as the style recommendations. Your working should have those elements in order to result high quality. You are also required to continue using the same style and terminology that have been used on the jobs previously.

Be aware that there’s big chance if you are not the only one worker they hire just like you are not the initial translator. It is normal when you still don’t have solid brand in this business world. You may have a very first projects with certain client, but it doesn’t necessary mean this is their first experience hiring a translator. You should ask them about the previous job that is still related with the one you are working on.