A Beginner Guide for Using French to English Translation Service

A Beginner Guide for Using French to English Translation Service

Translating the French language to English can be done easily, using an online translator. If you can speak both languages, you also can try it by yourself. However, if you want to translate an important document in French into English, you will need help from french translation service. There are two types of services you can use. They are professional and freelance.

What is the Difference between Professional and Freelance Service?

The professional translation service, basically, is a company where there are many people involved in the translation process. Those people are professional and experienced in translating the document. Usually, the professional service uses the team that has a degree in the language. So, you will get the best result from this service.

The freelance translation service is similar to the professional. However, mostly, they are not totally focusing on this service. Moreover, they also can do this job as a part-time job.  But, we didn’t say that the quality of their service is lower than professional service. Some of them are really good at translating service, which can give you an even better result than professional.

The other difference is the manpower. The professional translation company usually has more translators than freelance service. Therefore, the result that you will get is much faster than the freelance service. This is also the main factor that affects the price you need to pay for their translation service. In simplest words, the professional has a higher rate than freelance. But, the result is really satisfying.

The Importance of Translation Service

french translation service
french translation service

So, why we need to use the translation service? It’s not only the result. The translating process itself is difficult to do. You can’t translate French into English just like that. You need to think about the translation result, whether it will be easier to understand by its reader or not. In fact, this process takes most of the translating time. This is why professional service is much better.

More than that, the number of words in the translation result can be varied, depend on how the translator picks the words or sentence in English that can represent the original French sentence. In translation business, usually, rate their english french translation service by looking at how many words the original French document and the result that is produced.

Basically, using the translation service will give you, not only accurate translation but also easy to understand the result. This is useful if you want to translate the important document, for example, the document for your business or study, or even important agreement or contract. That way you can avoid many problems that are caused by misunderstanding.

In French, there are many expressions that can’t be mistranslated, if you don’t get used to translating the document. For example, in French, there is “une bouche d’incendie” expression, which means a fire hydrant. However, if you don’t know how to translate it and just literally translate it, it will end up with “a mouth of fire” translation. Can you see that that’s the wrong translation, right?

This is where the help from a professional translator is important. They are familiar with the specific language, in this case, it’s the French language. If you use online translator tool, you also can’t get the result regarding that type of expression and such.

How to Find and Use the Translation Service

Fortunately, you can easily find a company that provides the translation service from the internet. You can even order their service from their website. It saves your time. Moreover, you also can save more money, because you can find many promo codes you can use for their online service.

Of course, if you want to get the best result, you need to choose a reliable translation service. You can use the customer testimonial or review to know more about the service that you want to use. Find the honest review, which points out the pros and cons of that service.

Most of the translation service providers also give you the sample of their translation result. You can use it to determine, whether their english to french translation service is what you need. Now, you just need to find the service by using that resource.

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