English to French Translation Service Guide

English to French Translation Service Guide

Translating an English document into French isn’t an easy matter to do. Even though you can speak French or understand French, it doesn’t mean you can translate it by yourself. Mostly, you will end up with an inaccurate translation result. The solution for more accurate translation is using english translation service. You can find many of them on the internet. However, before you use their service for translating English to French, you need to know several things about this service.

The French Language

The French language isn’t the only language that is used in France. Many countries use it as the main/native or second language. Therefore, this language can be considered as the widely used language all around the world after English, as the international language. Currently, there are 54 countries and more than 300 million people speak French as their main language or second language.

That data also affect the demand of the English to French translation service. Therefore, this translation category can be considered as the most popular service that many people are looking for. The good thing about this condition is you can easily find the company that can provide the English to French translation service. So, you don’t need to spend too much time to find the help that you need.

The Translation Quality

As one of the widely used language, French can be difficult to translate. there are too many variations which come from the location where this language is being used. The different phrasing, expression, and term need quite a skill to be able to translate it accurately. This is the reason why you should use the best translation service. The reliable and experienced company is the most preferable here.

english translation service
english translation service

The specialty for certain field is also an important thing to look for if you aim for the best translation result. You can’t just use any translation service, especially the freelance service, to translate document from english to french. If your document is the technical document, such as a document that talks about programming or science at a deeper level, it needs different translation service for a better result.

For better translation quality, you need to find a company that uses the European Standard BS EN 15038. The company service with this standard will be heavily monitored in order to produce the best translation quality.

The Translator from the Translation Company

When you visit the translation service website, you can see the team that they have. Look for the detail information about their translator. Find a company that has an in-country translator. This is much better and has the ability to provide a more accurate translation. Why?

Translating process is difficult. It can’t be done by anyone that can speak English or French fluently. Someone can have a really good ability to speak those two languages. However, it doesn’t mean he/she can translate the content perfectly, especially if that person lives in the country that doesn’t use those languages.

The in-country translator means that the translator is coming from country or environment where the specific language has been used a lot. In this case, you need to find the translator that lives in the area that uses French a lot. This translator will be able to provide a better translation because they are familiar with the language. This is proved to be useful if there are many specific expressions that you use in your document.

The Numbers of Words

Just make sure you calculate the number of words that you will get after you get the translation. In this case, there is an easy way to calculate it. For English to French translation, mostly the words number will be increased from 15% to 20%. The numbers of words will also affect the price you need to pay for the translation service. Usually, the service is calculated based on the words. So, this is an important thing to know.

The Translation Price

With higher demand, the price for English to French translation is obviously more expensive than other language pairs. Mostly, the translation company will set the english french translation rate at $0.14 per word for standard content, and $0.16 per word for technical content.

Now, you know what you will find when you use the translation service. Hopefully, with our information above, you will get the best translation service. And of course, you also can save more money for the service.

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